As many of our long-term followers will know, Anita (our founder) is AMAZING at running campaigns and using social media for all the right reasons. The only reason that Ruby Young's campaign was such a success is because Anita and her army on FB and Twitter were very good at getting messages to go viral and access all sorts of celebrities across the globe.

This skill has followed Anita over to MSS, and she has now successfully 'granted' the wishes of SO many children, but in particular has seen the success of three very specific, and seemingly impossible, campaigns. The three families in question got in touch with us at MSS HQ, and despite the fact that they knew it wasn't within our charity's scope to grant wishes as such, they knew we'd do everything we could in our power (who in their right mind can ever say no to dedicating some time to wishes for such special and brave children?!)

The first of Anita's successful 'campaigns' was for Jorja (Jorja's Unknown Adventures) *see more detail about Jorja under her story on our family link*. This wish was double-barrel, and she was hoping to see her favourite Japanese K-Pop band (BTS) at the O2 in October 2018. The tickets were sold out, and it seemed impossible... but not for Anita. Through FB she was able to secure a PRIVATE BOX at the O2 through a wonderful lady (who wishes to remain anonymous) and Jorja and some friends/family will enjoy this experience. On top of that, Jorja is giraffe obsessed. Again in stepped Anita and people are helping to send as many giraffes as possible to Jorja in the hopes of breaking the Guiness World Record for her collection. She's also been to hand-feed some giraffes.

Secondly came the beautiful Jess (Jess's Story). This one was truly heart-breaking, as Jess' family got in touch knowing she had only a matter of months left to live from her battle with 'Boris' (the nickname for her main tumour). Jess was DESPERATE to hear from her idol, the global pop-star Ariana Grande. Impossible I hear you say...? Well, not for Anita and her team of FB and Twitter followers. In fact, Ariana didn't just send something small, she sent a huge gift package with a personalised message just for Jess. Sadly, only a matter of weeks after this wonderful gift was received by Jess and her family, she gained her angel wings. On 7th September 2018 Jess gave her last roar. She passed away peacefully, and with more courage and grace than many adults could ever wish to show in their lifetime.

We are truly devastated for Jess and her wonderful family.

Thirdly came the most recent campaign, and definitely the biggest. We had a message from the beautiful Keira's mum. Like the previous campaigns, we had been told that Keira has also been given the devastating diagnosis of terminal cancer, and her dying wish is very specific. She LOVES Marvel, and like tens of thousands of people round the world, she's been eagerly awaiting the release of the second part of 'Avengers: Infinity War'. Cancer is extremely unpredictable, and Keira and her family's main concern is that the second film is not due for release until sometime in 2019. All Keira wants is to find out the end of the story (and no comic can provide for any possible twist or turn in the screenplay). Again, through the power of FB and Twitter, Anita spent hours/days searching for answers. We will update you on Keira's wish in the very near future, but like with all of Anita's previous campaigns, the woman has worked MIRACLES. *WATCH THIS SPACE*

Top Left: Jorja; Bottom Left: Jess (and Boris!)

Right: Keira through ages/stages of treatment (Top Right is the scar left from Keira's operation)

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