This year we have attended two incredible quiz nights at the golf club (first time attended by Anita, Natasha and Gemma; second time attended by Natasha and Gemma).

Jill, Lady Captain for 2018, chose to support My Shining Star this year, and all year she has been working tirelessly to help fundraise for us. Jill has gone above and beyond our expectations, and the generosity and friendliness of the club members and friends/families is like nothing we ever expected.

First time we turned up slightly late after dreadful Friday-night traffic, and Jill was manning the quiz by herself (the quiz master she had arranged was sadly poorly!) Despite this she did an incredible job, with all of us supporting with marking/scoring. People gave generously, laughed, and we met some wonderful people who were truly taken by the cause.

Second time we arrived a little early and Jill introduced us to the wonderful Captain she has worked alongside this year, John, and our quiz master for the night, Gary Johnson from Brands Hatch Hospitality. He ran the quiz like a pro with some brilliant rounds, and once more we were made to feel totally at home by the club members.

We also attended the wonderful end of year dinner... see that in another write-up!

Two packed-out nights arranged by the fantastic Jill. We cannot say thank you enough xx

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