My mother passed away from breast cancer and we as a family wanted to do something in memory of her. She loved football and children, so we decided to organise a football family fun day annually, which turned out to be a massive success.

The last couple of years we have held it in aid of My Shining Star. A charity that is everything that my mum stood for... family and children.

A charity that takes the stress of money away from families that are already going through every parents nightmare in having a child with cancer.

The world keeps spinning but to these families the world stops and the only important thing is to be there 100% for that family member with cancer.

Yet the bills don’t stop coming in, the mortgage still needs to be paid, but families just need to be there for each other 24/7. Work, bills, normal things don’t matter anymore.

What My Shining Star does is to allow families to concentrate solely on family so that child will always have their mum, dad or whoever be, by their side throughout the hardest battle they will ever come across.

The staff at My Shining Star are like real life angels and I’m now pleased to call them my friends. They work so hard in making sure they give to others.

For me, My Shining Star is an incredible charity that I will always support.

Kind words written for us by Paul Aluwalia.

Paul (far left on the football photo) and the incredible annual fun day provide valuable funds, but also a chance to remember Janet Aluwalia and everything she stood for x

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