I first started volunteering for My Shining Star before the charity was even properly official.

My neighbours' daughter, Ruby Young,  had been diagnosed with Neuroblastoma and Anita was desperately trying to raise much needed funds to help the family, and fund possible treatment for Ruby in America. As a friend I felt helpless, and as a parent I couldn’t imagine the heartache the Youngs were going through, so my sister in law and I ran a cake stall at a fundraiser; the least we could do. I suppose that was the start of my volunteering. I couldn’t fund the treatment myself but I could help to raise money towards it.

Since then I have tried to volunteer when I can.

Last Christmas I spent a weekend in the snowy weather dressed as an elf at the My Shining Star Christmas event. I saw families come and go that day with smiles on their faces and money was raised for this amazing charity. Amongst those visitors were familIes who were guests of the charity; some had children fighting childhood cancer and some were without their children because they are now shining stars. I have to say it was one of the most humbling experiences for me to see these familIes first-hand, and I wished there was more I could do for them.

This April (2018) I ran the Virgin London Marathon. I was lucky enough to get a place through the ballot but had already decided that I wanted to fundraise for My Shining Star. The day I ran was the hottest  London marathon in history, the biggest thing that kept me going was the thought of the families that would be benefiting from the money raised.

I love helping the My Shining Star charity whenever I can. Whether it’s been a school cake sale or a summer fete, every single penny raised is so needed by the families affected by childhood cancer.

I have three children myself and I pray that they will always be healthy, but I volunteer for the charity to help those that are not that fortunate. xXx

We are forever humbled and grateful for the continued selflessness of our amazing volunteers like Caroline. They show up in all weathers and we have so much fun raising money and awareness. Caroline has already joined our London Landmarks Half Marathon 2019 team and continues to fundraise!

Left and Centre: Caroline finishing the incredible Virgin London Marathon 2018.

Right: Caroline as one of our sleeping grotto elves, Christmas 2017.

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