Hi there , I'm Duncan but you may also call me Spiderman!

I first heard about the wonderful work My Shining Star were doing when they were involved in helping a family who live locally to me, whose daughter had been diagnosed with neuroblastoma.The beautiful little lady I mention is pictured, Jessica Mae Whelan.

I had previously completed in a 'Tough Mudder' in aid of "Jessica's Fundraising" in order to gather much needed funds for the family, and the ongoing costs of living and caring for a child with cancer.

Unfortunately Jessica lost her battle against this horrible disease in November 2016, something which not only broke the heart of our local community but touched people across the world.

So... after asking Jessica's Gran, I decided to do the 'Tough Mudder' in the guise of Jessica's favourite superhero Spiderman and donate the funds raised to MSS, and of course dedicate it to her memory.

Again in 2018 the web-slinger came out of retirement for 'Tough Mudder' Yorkshire and raised more much needed funds for this wonderful charity.

I know for a fact that these extraordinary ladies put their hearts and souls into the work they do and the money they raise for these families in need, and I think they are amazing. 

So here's to next year's 12 mile romp in the mud! I'll be seein' ya.

Thanks Dunk x🕷️x

Team MSS could not be prouder to have our very own SpiderMan. You do so much to raise funds and awareness Duncan. A fantastic supporter who we are forever in debt to. Thank you! xXx

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