The first thing that we heard back from Paige's family were these words: "Hi Anita. Thank you so much for your call and lovely gesture. Wow we are still speechless." This totally sums up how many of our families feel when they receive a call from Anita. She lives and breathes our mission and she really does care about every family we support.

Being diagnosed with Leukaemia in August 2018, we could never imagine the impact this would have on us.  Relationships, siblings, financially and business. We are self employed and we basically had to 'shut shop' so dad can stay home to look after our three other girls; 12,4 and 2 months at the time.  

Spending months and months in hospital is like running two households.  Paige needs to eat to keep strength up, it’s numerous outfits a day and she’s sick a lot. New clothes, pjs. Entertainment. Basic needs. Food for myself as our hospital did not provide any meals for parents. I went days without food so Paige could get what she needed. 

We basically started pilling the bills up and thought that once we were through induction we could get back to business.  Paige would be coming home... but that never happened.

We have been in hospital for all but 14 days since August 18th when she was diagnosed. Paige went onto the more intense chemo regime as her white blood count was 470 at diagnosis. They normally diagnose leukaemia between 50-100 I was told.  We were lucky to have her alive at that point!

Given the situation we did what most parents do.  We focus on our child and shut the world out.  We have been approached by charities offering holidays, toys and equipment. We can’t even imagine a holiday at this point as we are just in the door.  We keep telling people getting through induction with leukaemia is like opening the 'welcome pack' to cancer. 

Thank you so much for the grant we received from My Shining Star. It will make such a big difference.  We can actually hand it over to the mortgage company and buy a month longer to focus on Paige.  Thank you for giving us this time; it’s small charities like yourself that make such a difference in this time. 

We are so thankful for Paige's family for sharing this story, and so thankful that thanks to ongoing support we are able to give this gift of money/time to their family xx

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