Next month Ruby will have officially been in remission for a year. It has flown by. We have had a LOT of fun and a lot less stress. Hospital visits have been pared down, school attendance ramped up and we have taken the children on holiday with us and also helped the Young’s take a holiday as a ‘normal’ family too.

But we still have at least four years before we can really start to believe that this nightmare is over. There are still hurdles to overcome. Childhood cancer doesn’t only bring massive amounts of fear into your lives. Whilst you’re experiencing something so terrorising that it’s beyond explanation, families can quickly find themselves out of work, behind with bills, racking up debt, struggling to support siblings, relationships pushed to their limits, household routines gone, future family plans dashed - and unfortunately none of these problems disappear on the day of remission, however deliriously happy the word has made you.

It’s a long, grim slog to get your lives back, to regain lost ground, to recover your mental health, to dare to make plans again.  

Charities like My Shining Star, who have witnessed first hand the agony of families with childhood cancer, they REALLY know the devastation it causes, the mess it leaves during and in its wake. And that’s why they help the way they do, keeping roofs over families’ heads, thinking about the siblings, supporting the whole family as a unit, helping them stick together when they feel like they’re falling apart.

Their support is amazing. It’s damage limitation when you need it most, so that when that sweet word comes along, you’re a little bit stronger, a little less broke, a bit better able to get up off the floor and rebuild your family lives together with hope. Just like we are.

Nanny Carrot.

We here at My Shining Star are SO incredibly grateful for the continued support of people like Ruby's family. They know exactly why we continue doing this, and they are the driving force behind it all.

Not only is Nanny Carrot a wonderful support to us and to Ruby, she also helped Ruby's Grandad Pete to complete an incredible 400 mile cycle from Margate to Land's End, raising awareness and a staggering £740. A huge well done and thank you from all of us xx

LEFT: Ruby attending her school disco and as always showing the world who is boss!

RIGHT: Ruby recently with her ever-supportive and loving sister Carla and brother Freddy.

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