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Michael's Story

Updated: Oct 16, 2018

This is my story about my hero, Michael. I am proud to say I am his mum, nothing can change that...

I was sailing along each day: work, children to school, the normal routine. 

Then in September 2016, Michael complained of a headache, and his vision was a little blurred... I took him to hospital, they did a few checks, but sent us home. They kept telling me to keep an eye on him... 

Next day, Michael was worse. He was now sick with the headache and blurred vision. Again, more tests were done, and finally they said we could go home. I told them I was not leaving until something was done...

Finally they did a CT scan. I will NEVER forget the nurse's face and her words...

" We have found a tumour."

It's true what they say, your world stands still. I had to tell my son; he was more worried about me. That's how he was, a very caring 13 year old.

We began a long road to Kings College Hospital in London, or the Marsden, for nearly eight months. My husband and I would juggle our twin girls, work, and as much of a normal life as we could.

Michael had chemotherapy and five operations on the tumour. It was persistent, and each time it got more aggressive.

Our last try was radiotherapy, but no, it didn't work. On Mother's Day 2017, we had the awful task of telling our beautiful girls, Michael's sisters, that their brother wasn't coming home. I wouldn't wish it on my worst enemy.

On the 29th March 2017, we had to let him go...

It's all so unfair and I feel so cheated. 

My Shining Star helped us, providing a bed so I could sleep beside Michael; he was so unsteady on his feet. My Shining Star continues to support us as a family. Michael built up quite a friendship with the ladies. 

Written by Michael's mum Carole for us. Thank you x

An update from Michaels' mum, Carole, about why she chooses to support My Shining Star: My Shining Star got in touch with me when my boy was diagnosed with a brain tumour. At first, I declined the help, not wanting to take away resources from other children. I soon came to realise that we needed help...

Michael's brain tumour had made him weak, so much so, that he could not climb into his high sleeper bed. My Shining Star bought him a new bed, a huge bed, which benefitted me because I was able to stay with him.

Now he is no longer here, those memories are precious.

I give to this charity as much as I can, it’s what Michael would want. Many a time a friendly chat has helped. This charity is one close to my heart and I am so thankful for the care and support they gave and still give.

Michael with sisters Rebecca and Hannah.

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