Michael Crayford remains a much loved young man amongst the community, and his school Robert Napier wanted to ensure that his memory lives on even when his friends leave the school to build their lives.

This school year, Michael should be in year 11 alongside his friends, but sadly they instead face this year without their friend.

Michael's younger twin sisters, Hannah and Rebecca, also attend Robert Napier, and it was felt by both the school and My Shining Star that the students and the girls should always have somewhere to go to reflect on their memories of a much loved student and brother.

In October this year, that wish became a reality, with thanks to the company 'Memorial Benches UK'.

The bench was moved into place on Friday 9th November with Michael's closest friends and his sisters there to take the first seats and share their memories. Both times that the students have visited the spot where the bench now sits (the day they chose the space before the bench was ordered to size, and on Friday) a white feather has fallen. A sign to them that their angel Michael is never far away.

We are so glad that MSS have been able to give this gift to the school who have shown so much support to Michael's family/friends and to the charity.

We hope that for years to come students make use of this beautiful place to take some time for themselves out of their busy lives xx

The final product; Michael's friends with Anita (Founder and Chair); Michael's sisters showing how much this means to them.

* Please note that all photographs shared have been given with permission from the parents.*

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