joshua's story

Joshua's mum got in touch with us in May 2019. Joshua is 16 years old and has a diagnosis of AML (Acute Myeloid Leukaemia). It has been almost two years since Joshua's initial diagnosis, and despite lengthy treatment he has now relapsed, finding himself battling this for a second time.

Due to the length of time spent as an inpatient, and the regular visits to daycare, Joshua's parents understandably have had to take extensive leave from work with his mum finding herself on unpaid leave of absence. Not only this, but due to the extensive length of time, Joshua's mum herself finds her job under imminent threat if she does not return to work soon, a burden no parent should have to face.

Joshua is also older brother to a younger sister, aged 12, so this brings with it additional pressures to keep her safe and well at home.

We were thrilled to be able to help this family during what is an extremely stressful time; Joshua is currently post bone marrow transplant, and we really do hope this might see the start to an end of this for them.

We are so grateful that Joshua's parents gave permission for us to share some of his story, and we also understand why he wishes to remain somewhat anonymous (hence the lack of a photo of this courageous young man and his family) x

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