As a mother of three children, I thought I had this parenting gig figured out. Feed, wash, clothe and nurture your children as they grow into happy, healthy adults. 

Well that's until the cancer bomb explodes...

In one normal day, my beautiful five year old daughter went from a care-free soul who loved to play out with her friends and socialise, to a leukemia princess warrior with chemo scheduled the next day. As her oncologist said – “We need to fight this leukemia aggressively, this means treatment should start immediately.”

The first few months after diagnosis was a purple haze living in hospital with my daughter and coming back and forth home by the train to visit and see the others kiddies at home as often as I could.

The day finally comes; we're discharged, with frequent trips to the outpatient cancer clinic for chemo and lumbar punctures, as we transitioned back to our new normal, which included help from my partner & neighbour.

Slowly adjusting back into school, and trying to juggle my daughter who has ended up wheel-chair bound for out of the house due to chemo and steroids, and the baby who still has a pram and only just learnt to walk, was a big struggle.

Simple things like food shopping or going the local shop is now as a struggle as I'm a stay at home mum and my partner works full time and doesn't live with myself and the children. 

Another large struggle I found was I was no longer allowed to take my daughter on public transport, meaning for our hospital appointments we'd be driven there by NHS patient transport for myself and my daughter. Her brother would be at school but the baby couldn't come and so I needed to find help with childcare when my daughter and I visited hospital weekly. 

Luckily through my CLIC Sargent support worker we applied for a grant to support us from 'My Shining Star' and was accepted. I now have a large weight removed from my shoulders while we go hospital knowing the baby is looked after and supported while my family goes through such a terrible time. 

 I couldn't be more grateful to the charity for supporting myself and the family. Thank you x

A big thank you from us to Niome, Cassidy's mummy, for sharing this story with us!

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