We were chosen as 'Community Champions' by one of our local ASDA branches (Gillingham Pier) where we were one of the charities in their last round of 'green tokens'.

As 'runners up' we were lucky to receive £200 from the branch. This morning Anita and Natasha went to meet the lovely Community Life Champion Diana and receive the funds.

Diana was fantastic; really friendly and she talked about how ASDA can help us in the future with some possible further fundraising, and we were able to tell her all about how important these funds are for our families, particularly those struggling in the lead up to Christmas.

Thank you so much to Diana, and to all of the staff and customers for supporting us xx

If you shop in another local branch, Sittingbourne, keep your eyes peeled for our name as we are currently part of their green token scheme too and could be awarded £500 if we win, or another £200 as runners-up!

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