As we are sure you can understand, sharing the story of a child with cancer is extremely sensitive, and often upsetting. Many families know that by sharing their stories they can help to raise awareness, inspire others in their situation to keep fighting, show that there is help available, and most importantly continue to allow us to get donations to support even more families in desperate need.

This beautiful family wanted to share their story, but naturally did not want the publicity that so often comes with a childhood cancer diagnosis. Therefore this story is anonymous, but it is most definitely true and told from the perspective of this young lady's mummy. We are so grateful to the family for allowing us to publish this, as we are for all of those who share their stories:

My little girl's life (and  family's life ) was turned upside down a few years ago when  she  was diagnosed with a cancerous brain tumour. After spending many weeks back and forward to the doctors and being made to feel like a paranoid mum, it was an optician who finally helped. 

We were sent straight to the children's hospital where she was booked in for an operation to remove it ASAP.  We were told at the time how bad the outcome could be but we had no option if she didn't have the operation. She would have about four months to live. 

After an agonising 16 hour operation she was in intensive care.  She couldn't talk swallow, or open or close her eyes, she couldn't sit unaided or really do anything. 

But after many months of harsh treatment of both chemotherapy and radiotherapy, and lots of physiotherapy, Occupational Therapy, and Speech and Language therapy too, she is now thriving. 

She still relies on her wheelchair but can now talk, eat and do most things herself.  She always smiled throughout her treatment and never complained.  She is a true little wee warrior.

However along with the harsh treatment came the side effects; her radiotherapy has killed her hair follicles which means most of her hair will never grow back (she used to have the most beautiful, long, think blonde hair) and she also stopped growing for a long time. Luckily she is now receiving hormone treatment and for the first time in a few years she's grown out of her clothes. 

We recently found out that her ovaries don't work also due to the radiotherapy, meaning she may not ever have children - she is also on medication to hopefully get her ovaries working again!

For all of the families just starting this horrible journey and joining this group that nobody wants or asked to be part of... fight hard, stay strong and take everyday as it comes.  Let others help when they offer - this is something I never did to begin with and some days I was just so exhausted, but seeing my little girl fighting strong every day made me fight too. Take help from charities like My Shining Star who can help with basic things we all take for granted xxx

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