Amelia's story

Updated: Jul 16, 2018

This absolutely beautiful little girl is Amelia from Maidstone in Kent. She’s seven years old and has been battling cancer for six years and seven months; a brain tumour on her optic nerve. She was a five-month old baby when she was diagnosed. In that time she has relapsed THREE times and is awaiting a clinical trial.

We received a very modest grant request from her mum, but upon doing our checks- Anita soon realised that actually, they have been struggling quite severely with debts for some time and have been living hand to mouth with such extreme financial pressure. The family work and have done so well, but as soon as you’re in that debt (she lost her job due to her daughter having cancer!)- it’s hard to get out of it.

Amelia is their only child. We appealed on our Facebook page to any companies that could help and maybe sponsor the family in some way. We agreed to clear what we could debt-wise, but we are a small charity, so we knew that we could really do with some assistance.

They really, REALLY deserved and needed the help. We agreed a large grant but it was not enough.

We were staggered by the support we received. Dovetail Games, one of our wonderful corporate sponsors, provided Amelia’s family with vouchers to help buy some much-needed clothes for the summer months. They also offered to help landscape the garden for the summer months and this should be happening in the next few weeks.

Amelia’s new swing for her garden was gifted by the wonderful Estelle Thompson who ran our photography services at the Winter Wonderland.

Another very kind person purchased her a trampoline to be sunk into the ground, and the family have also been gifted a holiday together by the Oakley Waterman Trust this August.

We will continue to support Amelia and her family in any way that we can, and we look forward to sharing some lovely photos once the garden is all finished!

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